Terms and Conditions of hiring a Council Facility

The Terms and Conditions of the Community and Recreation Facilities User Agreement Form provides the rules for hiring a Council facility. You must ensure each user and/or hirer of the facility or part thereof, reads and signs a Community and Recreation Facilities User Agreement Form.  In some cases, the delegated authority will be the hirer/user of the facility.

In the event an ongoing permanent hirer defaults in the payment of fees due for the hire of a Council facility, the Booking Officer is to contact the hirer by phone or letter and request payment within 14 days. If the fee remains outstanding after 14 days, contact Council who will negotiate with the hirer.

Return of Bond money

The Booking Officer must inspect the facility after all functions to ensure the facility is clean and not damaged, and return the bond to the hirer.

In the event the hirer damages the facility, the Booking Officer must withhold the bond until a quote to repair the facility is obtained and arrange with Council to have the damage repaired.  Once the repairs are complete, the Booking Officer should deduct the cost of repair from the bond and return the balance owing to the hirer. 

Should the repairs be greater than the bond paid by the hirer, Council should be advised of the amount outstanding.  Council will invoice the hirer for the balance owing.

Tennis Courts

The Booking Officer of the Community Operating Committee or Incorporated Association managing a tennis court needs to be satisfied that:

  • Facility user/s are identified by means of a completed Tennis Court Hire Agreement Form, which also acts as a tax invoice/receipt.  A delegated authority’s representative is not required to counter-sign the hire agreement, only the hirer must sign;
  • Regular users may sign an annual Tennis Court Hire Agreement Form;
  • Court users are aware of the terms and conditions of court hire printed on the Tennis Court User Agreement Form;
  • Relevant fees are collected in accordance with Council’s current Pricing Policy and adequate records are maintained;
  • Courts and facilities remain maintained in a safe and clean state.

Page Last Updated: 19 May 2016