Creating an Operating Committee


When Council has agreed to establish a new Community Operating Committee to manage activities on public land, or at community and recreation facilities, they may appoint members as individuals or as representatives of an existing incorporated group.  In each case, eligible nominees are put forward to Council for approval as delegates to form the Community Operating Committee.

Council delegations are on an annual basis through nomination and election at the Annual General Meeting.  All nominations for Council delegation must be elected by the majority of members, and satisfy the eligibility criteria as outlined in the section titled Criteria for Appointment as a Council Delegate.

Please note that nominees require Council approval in writing before they commence their duties in order to to ensure they have the protection of Council insurance.

How to elect new members

The re-appointment of new members to a Community Operating Committee takes place at the Annual General Meeting, where each member vacates their position.  All members are eligible to re-stand for election.  No executive member can hold more than two executive positions. (Note: The role of Volunteer Safety Officer VSO is not deemed to be an executive position)

You must adopt this Operating Manual at the Annual General Meeting as the instrument that determines the role and responsibilities of your group to operate a Council facility.

A Community Operating Committee shall consist of not less than four (4) members and not more than eight (8) members.  To operate a Council facility, the Community Operating Committee will comprise user groups representing the city of Lake Macquarie, a community representative, and a Councillor if so appointed (optional).

Before the Annual General Meeting, appoint a Returning Officer to conduct the election.  The Returning Officer might be a prominent community member or a Council representative.

Nominations for election can be in writing or taken from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.  Persons may be nominated and seconded for membership to the operating committee, provided that a person meets the criteria outlined in the section titled Criteria for Appointment as a Council Delegate.

If there are more nominations than recommended positions, the Returning Officer conducts an election.  Where there are no incorporated associations represented (facility user groups), each local resident present may vote (by hand or in writing, as determined by the meeting) for a candidate of their choice for the position for the purposes of appointment to the operating committee.

The Returning Officer counts the votes for each candidate and informs the newly elected Chairperson, Secretary and the meeting of the outcome; and recommends the successful nominees to Council for approval.

The Secretary submits the names and addresses of the persons elected as members at the AGM to Council by September 01 of each year and, Council may delegate authority to the new members of the operating committee after consideration of the recommendations but Council shall not be bound to follow the recommendations.

Member Vacancy

A person ceases to have Council’s delegated authority, if that person:

  • Resigns from the operating committee by notice in writing to Council;
  • Is absent for more than three consecutive meetings without leave of the operating committee;
  • Ceases to be a member of any organisation which the person represents, or dies.

The Secretary of a Community Operating Committee may also request Council to appoint a new delegate to replace an existing delegate as vacancies occur.  All such requests must include a copy of the meeting minutes outlining agreement for the nomination.  Council will formally acknowledge the service that the departing delegate has provided to Council, and approve the new nominee in writing.

Note: Incorporated Associations only have to provide a copy of their updated Members Details Form as soon as practical after a person ceases to be a member.

Page Last Updated: 17 Jun 2015