A Community Operating Committee has delegated authority from Council to undertake the care, control, and operation of a community facility. The Committee must hold regular meetings, including an Annual General Meeting, hold elections for Committee Members, and record minutes of the meetings.

To hold a meeting, the Secretary must provide the following notice period to its members:

  • Special meeting: A minimum of five (5) days notice.
  • Public meeting: A minimum of fourteen (14) days notice.

A Community Operating Committee has to meet at least once during each quarter of the calendar year. At all meetings of the Community Operating Committee, you must have three (3) members to constitute a quorum. The meetings may be convened either by a quorum of the Community Operating Committee or by Council. In the absence of the Chairperson at the meeting, the members present, shall elect another executive officer to Chair the meeting with the simple majority sufficing.

At all meetings of the Operating Committee, each member present shall have one vote. In the event of equality of voting, the Chairperson has the casting vote and the Secretary must keep minutes of all meetings.

The Secretary is to forward a copy of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting and financial statements to Council by 01 September each year. The Secretary shall furnish minutes of other meetings upon Council’s request.

How to hold an Annual General Meeting

A Community Operating Committee has a responsibility to be responsive to the needs and wishes of the local community, and Council requires those committees to hold an Annual General Meeting on a day set in July or August of each year. At the meeting, the Chairperson reports to the local community on the operations of the facility over the past year.

Points to remember when planning an Annual General Meeting:

  • Council requires written notice of the date of the Annual General Meeting, no later than 15 June of that year. The Secretary shall advise Council of the time, date, and location of the Annual General Meeting. Council shall advertise the meeting in local newspapers on the last Saturday in June.
  • The Chairperson presents in writing to the Annual General Meeting, an Annual Report and the Treasurer presents the annual Financial Statement. When the operating committee approves the reports, the Secretary must send the documentation to Council by 01 September that year; and
  • The Chairperson may exclude a disruptive person with the consent of those present at the meeting.

Page Last Updated: 12 Jan 2016