What is my role?

Annual appointment to a position as a Council Delegate is a formal obligation and requires serious consideration.  All citizens who wish to nominate for appointment as a Council Delegate must be aware of the responsibility they are taking on, and agree in writing to comply with the requirements as outlined in this section. 

As a public authority, Council is accountable for all matters associated with the management of public land and must ensure that its delegates comply with these policies and requirements.  Failure of a delegate to comply with this agreement may result in Council removing the delegation.

A Council Delegate must agree to:

  • Conduct their duties in a manner that is open to public scrutiny and complies with Council requirements related to the conduct of public meetings and decision-making;
  • Operate according to the Code of Conduct, as mentioned above;
  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety and of the people they work with in undertaking the responsibilities of their delegation;
  • Attend compulsory training and take advantage of other relevant training opportunities;
  • Comply with requirements related to the management and reporting of the use of public land and funds;
  • Commit to attend meetings as required;
  • Promptly advise Council of any matters that seriously impact upon the management or operations of the facility, and in particular those that affect public accountability, access, or safety requirements.

Page Last Updated: 29 May 2014