Tennis facilities

Lake Macquarie City Council uses two models for the management of its tennis facilities:

  1. Delegated authority – where either an incorporated tennis club or a community operating committee manages the facility under delegated authority from Council;
  2. Lease – to a Professional Tennis Business Operator (PTBO) [tennis coaching business] – where the PTBO pays Council for the use of the facility, makes the facility available to the public, and maintains and manages the facility under the terms and conditions of the lease.

For Council tennis facilities where a PTBO does not lease the facility but conducts a tennis coaching business, the PTBO hires courts from the delegated authority under one of the following arrangements:

  1. If coaching for less than 5 hours per week, the PTBO hires courts and pays the delegated authority (club/committee) the commercial hourly rate in Council’s Pricing Policy (fees & charges);
  2. If coaching for 5 hours up to 25 hours per week, the PTBO signs a Tennis Court Licence Agreement and pays the appropriate licence fee (outlined in the agreement) to the Booking Officer.  This annual agreement is between the PTBO and the delegated authority, but is approved by Council each year.

Note: If coaching for more than 25 hours per week, the PTBO should discuss the leasing of the facility with Council.

Page Last Updated: 08 Jan 2016