Position Description: Chairperson

Role of the Chairperson
Convening and chairing meetings, preparing the agenda, ensuring the recording of accurate minutes and ensuring the Committee/Club acts within Council’s delegated authority.
  • Draw up the agenda in cooperation with the Secretary
  • Chair meetings and maintain order in a responsible manner, ensuring that the agenda is followed and is the main focus of the meeting
  • Be impartial and remain objective
  • Follow debates and ensure questions are confined to the question under consideration and ensure anyone who wishes to speak is able to
  • Impose time limits, for example 2 minutes, when there is a lot of business, or if several people wish to speak
  • Rule "Out of Order" to all questions that do not deal directly with the business before the meeting or listed on the agenda
  • Put questions to the meeting and declare according to his/her opinion whether the question is resolved in the affirmative or the negative
  • When a decision is made state who will be responsible for implementing them
  • Declare the results of all ballots to the meeting and give a casting vote when necessary
  • Acknowledge conflict but do not let it interfere with decision-making processes
  • Present the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting
  • Liaise with community/user groups as required
  • In conjunction with other members determine an annual prioritised schedule of works required
  • Ensure Committee/Club operates in accordance with the Code of Conduct

Page Last Updated: 29 May 2014