Position Description: Secretary

Role of the Secretary
Attending to the correspondence and recording minutes of meetings.
  • Send out notices to notify members of Committee/Club meetings stating the date, time and place
  • Draw up the agenda, in cooperation with the Chairperson
  • Keep minutes of all meetings. Minute all resolutions by recording the name of the mover, the seconder and whether the motion was carried or lost
  • File and hold in safekeeping the committee's correspondence, records and books, including an up-to-date list of members
  • Put into effect the committee's decisions
  • Notify Council of the names, addresses, contact phone numbers, and email addresses (with signatures) of people nominated for Committee, and any changes to Committee members' details
  • (Community Operating Committees only) Advise Council no later than 15 June of the date of the Annual General Meeting (which must be held in July / August of each year) and forward a copy of the minutes of the AGM to Council by 01 September each year
  • Forward a financial statement to Council by 01 September each year
  • Send copies of other meetings upon Council’s request
  • Forward signed copies of the Hire Agreement form to Council as outlined in the Operating Manual
  • Receive and report on all correspondence and sign all outgoing correspondence
  • Coordinate reports and send to Council as per checklist provided
  • Attend Council Information Sessions (or nominate another appropriate delegate to attend)

Page Last Updated: 29 May 2014