Signing On and Off

When to sign on

When a community volunteer is carrying out unpaid work on behalf of your group at a Council facility, they must sign the Volunteer Register Form (this includes all committee members) before commencing, and at the completion of, any work.

Note: This register does not include volunteer work relating to Club activities, such as canteen duty, refereeing, or contractors.

How signing on protects you

Signing on ensures a volunteer who may be injured while carrying out unpaid work at a Council facility is covered by Council’s Volunteer Insurance and the insurance company investigating the claim may request these sign-on forms to verify any claims.

The Volunter Safety Officer (VSO) must ensure the form is on site and can be easily accessed by all volunteers, and that each person signs the form before commencing and at the completion of any work.

Completed Volunteer Registers form part of the committee / club's records and should therefore be stored by the Secretary.

Page Last Updated: 25 Jun 2021