Purpose of this Manual

This Operating Manual provides information on the roles and responsibilities that pertain to any person/s delegated by Council to act on its behalf. Many of you assisted Council during the development and review of this Manual to ensure all potential risks or hazards associated with activities undertaken by volunteers at Council facilities were assessed and either eliminated, or reduced, by establishing control mechanisms for you to follow.

The manual is designed to help you quickly find information on operating Council facilities, or public land, effectively and safely.  Council will provide updates through information-sharing workshops or by contacting your group individually with any updates relevant to you.

Content overview

The manual provides a general overview of the functions, operations, and responsibilities of volunteers on Community Operating Committees and Incorporated Associations, as well as information specific to their particular activities such as:

  • The management and operation of community halls or buildings;
  • The management and operation of sporting facilities;
  • The management and operation of community gardens.  

In 2014, this information was transferred to the Facility Manager website, with the ability to electronically submit required information to Council, such as annual financial statements and member details. 

Content updates

From time to time Council officers will update the content in this manual. This will ensure that this online manual always contains the latest information. Significant changes will be posted in the Latest News section.

Page Last Updated: 29 May 2014