Car Parking

Car parking signage is an effective method of managing traffic at your facility. Signs can be supplied by Council and are generally covered by facility funds, for more details see Purchasing and Procurement.

Vehicles at Council facilities have been identified as a high-risk issue, as they have the potential to cause serious injury. Council understands that at many of our community and recreation facilities there is no formal car parking space, and how vehicles drive and park comes down to the actions of the driver.

Formulating a Traffic Management Plan

Facility managers should formulate a basic Traffic Management Plan, as part of your risk management strategies, to control traffic specific to that facility. These plans may include:

Signage outlining where vehicles are to park, and where parking is prohibited.
PA announcements
Regular PA safety announcements.
Markers or Bollards
Where markers or bollards should be implemented to restrict access to certain areas.
Temporary Fencing
During some larger events (mainly for recreation facilities) temporary fencing may need to be erected to restrict access to certain areas, or outline parking areas.
Assigned Traffic Control Persons
During Special Events at your facility where there is an influx of traffic you should assign people to control and police where vehicles are to park, and where they are driving at the facility.

If you require assistance in developing a Traffic Management Plan, please contact us.

Page Last Updated: 12 Feb 2015