'Waterwise Rules' come into effect from July 2014.  These rules can be found online here.

There are a range of activities listed on the Waterwise Rules page that pertain to Council facilities and operations. In particular, volunteers need to note rules around using water to hose down concrete surfaces and irrigation of fields.

Simple actions you can take to save water at your facility include:

  • Wipe food scraps from dirty dishes before washing using a dishcloth instead of rinsing in running water
  • Where a dishwasher is available, try to run it only when all the dirty plates and crockery are ready to be cleaned
  • Use the low-flush function on toilets for non-solids
  • Use a watering can to water any plants rather than use the hose - it's actually easier to ensure you have given enough water to each plant
  • Sweep rather than hose concrete areas (this helps reduce stormwater pollution as well)
  • Put mulch over garden beds to reduce water loss from evaporation
  • Contact Council regarding any leaks or dripping taps as soon as possible
  • Remind members of community groups about these simple actions to save water and reduce water bills

For water saving tips at ovals and fields, please refer to the irrigation of fields section of the website.

Page Last Updated: 12 Feb 2015