Field Closure

Consider putting up a "Ground Closed" (or similar) sign if a playing field has been closed.

Each Community Operating Committee or Incorporated Association must establish an agreed process for determining the closure of a playing field or facility.

In the event of rain

If your committee is deciding whether or not to close a playing (sports) field after rain it must appoint certain club members to inspect the field prior to any usage (game or training) to determine if it is fit for use.

Points to consider when undertaking these inspections include:

  • The safety and welfare of players;
  • The ongoing preservation of the playing surface;
  • The number of games to be played;
  • The level/standard of competition; and
  • Remediation works may incur significant costs to clubs and disruption to the season

Hirers must adhere to the decision made by the delegated authority in relation to field closure.  Failure to do so may jeopardise the hirers future use of the facility.

Page Last Updated: 21 Apr 2023