Line-Marking at Playing Fields

When undertaking line-marking activities at recreation facilities, always ensure you:

  • Wear protective clothing and equipment where required
  • Avoid undertaking line-marking activities in the middle of the day during summer months
  • Check line-marking equipment is in good working order before commencing activity
  • Work in accordance with relevant operating instructions for equipment used
  • Mark lines using water based non-toxic line-marking paint. Ensure lines are clearly marked and straight or evenly curved as required by the sporting code. Do not use non-selective 'total kill' substances, such as 'Round Up' or diesel.
  • Athletics tracks only - a turf growth regulator can be used with line-marking paint following approval by Council
  • Ensure all colours comply with sporting code requirements

Note: There may be a need in some circumstances to close the field whilst undertaking line-marking.

For further technical advice on how to line-mark a playing field please contact Council.

Page Last Updated: 15 Jul 2014