Community Building Partnership Grants

The NSW Government has announced details of the 2017 Community Building Partnership Grants, applications close at 5:00pm Wednesday 9 August 2017.

If your Club is interested in applying for a Grant, please read all the terms and conditions on the website and contact Sports Planner Steve Cowen or 49 210139 to discuss your proposed project and application.

Note: Gaining Council approval for works on Council Land is a requirement of the application, failure to do so may jeopardise your chances of obtaining a grant.

This program awards grants for community infrastructure projects that: deliver positive social, environmental and recreational outcomes and promote community participation, inclusion and cohesion. Eligible bodies are incorporated, community based not-for-profit organisations plus NSW local councils (and their Section 355 committees) operating under the Local Government Act (1993). $27.9 million is available in 2017, with an equal allocation of $300,000 available to fund projects in each State electorate of NSW. The CBP ensures our communities remain strong, connected and healthy by supporting organisations that think first and foremost of the needs of locals.

All projects are assessed on merit against the following program criteria; Enhance facilities: The project develops a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive community through the enhancement or construction of community infrastructure, Meet community need: The project supports activities and services needed by local communities, Increase community participation: The project encourages participation in activities or services needed by a broad section of the community, and organisation’s capacity: The applicant has the capacity to deliver the project on time and within scope.

Projects must be for:

· Construction of new community infrastructure; or

· Refurbishment, repair and maintenance to existing community infrastructure; or

· The purchase of capital equipment with a minimum individual asset value of $2,500 and a projected life expectancy of 5+ years.

Closing date: 5pm, Wednesday 9 August 2017


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