ERM update

As part of normal business processes, Council undertook a tender process in May for the provision of electricity, in conjunction with 3 other Councils – Newcastle, Port Stephens and Dungog. We received proposals from all major retailers.

The councils assessed the offers based on price, metering costs and other non-price factors related to billing practices, customer service and information access. Pricing was evaluated based on consumption and when all pricing factors were taken into account, prices did not vary significantly between retailers.

Council is pleased to advise that ERM Power was the successful tenderer and so there will be no change to current arrangements for electricity at Council facilities.

As you may be aware, prices have increased on average 10% for sites under the previous contract in 2017/18. This is reflected by general market trends - factors contributing to this includes increased network costs for energy consumption in the peak and shoulder periods. ERM rates have been assessed to be 10 – 15% lower than what is available as an individual customer.

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Page Last Updated: 08 Mar 2017