Removal of items around playing fields

Council maintenance staff are undertaking inspections of facilities when they are on site to identify items that are causing WHS issues when mowing and whipper snipping. Things such as rollers,hoses and portable goals are the most common but it is not limited to these items alone.

Photos will be emailed to facilities that have been identified asking Facility Managers to arrange the following:

  1. Packing away in a safe area which still allows Council mower access or
  2. Complete removal from site

In regards to point 2 it is very clear in some circumstances that items have not been used for years, this will be evident when I forward photos to Facility Managers.

Please give this matter your utmost attention, as follow up inspections are scheduled, failure to do so may incur payment of costs for Council to undertake removal.

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Page Last Updated: 08 Mar 2017