Irrigating playing fields

Tips to minimise water usage when irrigating (From Facility Manager)

Community members (rate-payers) are often vigilant about water usage at public sporting facilities. Council regularly receives feedback about excess water usage at these facilities. Too much or too little water can affect the turf and damage the playing surface. When irrigating take the following steps to maximise the effective use of water:

  • Do not irrigate when is windy.
  • Do not irrigate during a rain event or when rain is imminent.
  • Avoid undertaking irrigating activities in the middle of the day during summer months.
  • Do not leave the travelling irrigator unattended for an extended period.

The operation of automatic pop up sprinkler systems is managed through Council's Central Irrigation Control System using weather data at sites across the City.  The controller should always be left in the "Run" position.

Please contact Council if:

  • You notice any problems such as sprinklers not working or leaking valves.
  • You have any questions about the operation of the automatic system at your facility.
  • You would like further technical advice on how to irrigate a playing field.

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Page Last Updated: 08 Mar 2017