Electricity Accounts

All community and recreation facilities are Council assets. As such, Council will maintain ownership and authority of the electricity provision to these facilities (even though the delegated authority is responsible for paying the electricity bills).

Due to the number of facilities under its ownership, Council is able to negotiate discounted rates for electricity and is also able to monitor and analyse electricity usage to ensure clubs and users receive competitve rates and are on electricity retail plans which are appropriate for their usage. Council is also able to monitor and research the electricity market and relevant legislative changes to ensure that facility users receive value for money.

Each electricity account will be listed with Council's ABN and the street address of each facility, however the postal address of all bills will be listed as the Secretary's postal address. It is important that when the Secretary or the postal address of the Secretary changes, that Council is notified immediately using the member contact information online form.

Council has negotiated a contract with ERM Power, with all sites being transferred to this electricity provider.  ERM Power will give sites a 17.92% discount on all charges, including fixed access fees. That is, 17.92% off the 2013/14 regulated rate. Other providers may offer a larger discount but this is on consumption only and they charge full access fees.

The transfer to ERM Power will provide clubs and Council with a number of benefits:

  • 17.92% discount off all charges;
  • More efficient energy use through better usage data availability;
  • Accounts are linked to the asset, enabling Council to monitor and analyse usage data, and to seek better deals over time;
  • Standardised addressing/billing information and meter location information providing clarity to all stakeholders;
  • More efficient administration

We have collated some Frequently Asked Questions about retail electricity for community & recreation facilities.  Please contact us, if you have any further questions.

Page Last Updated: 30 Jan 2015