Return to Training and Playing

Return to Training and Playing

This page provides supporting information and messages around a Return to training and playing.

The NSW Government Public Health Order allows a Return to Play for Community sport from 1 July. Governing bodies or State Sporting Organisations (SSO) guidelines for the Return to Play stage are listed towards the bottom of this page. The Return to Play stage also allows Facility Managers to accept "other hire" eg. Schools,commercial operators, Tennis comps etc.

The role of councils in rebooting sport:

  • landowner with care and control for majority of public sporting facilities in NSW
  • responsibility to ensure that users of public sporting facilities implement health and safety guidelines
  • responsibility to ensure that public sporting facilities are fit for purpose
  • provide guidance and resources to local sporting clubs and volunteers as required
  • provide approvals and information for a return at each stage ie. Training and Playing


Links to signage can be found below, please print and place them around your facility in the appropriate areas. Please ensure the first sign with the four images is placed at the entrance and any other prominent areas.

A reminder to:

  • Continue to encourage download and use of COVID-19 app
  • Use the facility account for PPE, cleaning equipment, printing and laminating costs

COVID-19 Officer:

  • Sport Governing bodies require their member clubs appoint a COVID-19 officer, Council recognise the Volunteers Safety Officer (VSO) as fulfilling this role for a delegated authority.

Existing guidelines/orders:

  1. Sport Australia & AIS - Framework for rebooting sport
  2. Australian Government - National principles for the resumption of sport and recreation activities
  3. Sport Australia & AIS - Return to Sport Toolkit
  4. NSW Government - Public Health Order
  5. State Sport Organisations (SSO):

Access the return to training form

Page Last Updated: 08 Sep 2020