Volunteer Safety Officer

A brief overview of the role and responsibilities of the VSO, and a link to the full Position Description.

Hazards and Risks

Identifying and responding to hazards and addressing safety with respect to Electrics, Sharps, Food Handling, Lone Workers, and Dogs at Sporting Events.

Safety Forms

Forms for Incident/ Accident Reporting, Risk Assessments and safe disposal of Needles and 'Sharps'


Guidelines for the correct use of Lawnmowers, Edgers, Brush Cutters, Pressure Cleaners, Blower Vacuums and for Fuelling.

First Aid

General Information and an Item Checklist for First Aid Kits.

Manual Handling

Information around identifying and responding to risks and correct Manual Handling principals and techniques (SPLAT).

Protective Equipment

A list of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required when undertaking any outdoor activities at Council facilities.

Accidents and Incidents

The immediate actions which need to happen during and after an accident or incident occurring and in the case of a 'near hit.'


Information on Council's Insurance Policies and how they relate to managing a facility.

Page Last Updated: 12 Aug 2014