Accident and Incident Reports

See our handy First Aid - Item Checklist to make sure your kit contains everything you need to administer effective First Aid in an emergency.

When an accident or incident occurs

In the event of an accident or incident occurring in carrying out activities in relation to the operation of the Council facility, some immediate actions need to occur such as:

  • Administering First Aid
  • Calling the police or ambulance, and/or
  • Making the area safe.

After an incident or accident

As soon as possible after the incident or accident occurs, you must contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 4921 0333. This procedure does not apply to an incident or accident that does not relate to the management of the facility, e.g. a collision between players during a game.

You will be given a reference number when you report an incident/accident. Retain this number for future reference. Please also complete the Incident/Accident Form and submit to Council as soon as possible.

Reporting 'near hit' incidents

The Volunteer Safety Officer must also report incidents, commonly called a 'near hit' to Council’s Customer Service Centre, as they are a warning of a situation that may cause injury to a person or serious damage to property or environment if the hazard is not controlled.

Please also complete the Incident/Accident Form and submit to Council staff as soon as possible.

Page Last Updated: 28 May 2014