Dogs at Sporting Events

Dogs at Council sporting facilities, both on and off leashes, have been identified as a hazard.

Dogs at Council sporting facilities have been identified as a hazard, and volunteers should therefore make members and spectators aware that they are not to be brought onto playing surfaces while games are in progress.

To assist in regulating this, officials may choose not to start games until dogs have been removed from the playing/spectator area, or to suspend games while dogs are being removed.

Dogs on leashes also present a safety hazard. While it is essential that dogs are kept on leashes at all times, leashes also create a trip hazard and other hazards to people and property.

Education and prevention

It is clear that dogs, especially unleashed dogs, present a significant health and safety hazard to players and officials operating on and off the playing courts/fields, and it is important that this be addressed before an incident occurs e.g. trips and falls resulting in injury.

Education and public awareness is crucial in order to address this issue and in creating a positive response from the public. Signage such as sandwich boards and also regular PA announcements, may assist in this regard.

Incorporated Associations and Community Operating Committees are given delegated authority from Council to manage facilities on its behalf, and are therefore responsible for implementing control measures to address identified hazards.

Page Last Updated: 25 Jun 2021