Lawn Tractor (Ride-on Mower)

For your own safety please observe the instructions on this page, and if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact us.

A lawn tractor is a high-speed cutting tool.  You must observe safety precautions to reduce the risk of personal injury.  Careless or improper use may cause serious or even fatal injuries. Before using, ensure you have been provided with the appropriate training from your Volunteer Safety Officer and that you feel competent to perform the job required.

Ensure you do the following

  • Read and fully understand the lawn tractors manufacturer’s operator manual
  • Inspect mowing area and locate any authority services e.g. water, gas, electrical and mark service area with a highly visible safety marker
  • Clear your work area of debris
  • Check fuel and oil levels (always ensure that fuel and oil are stored in correct storage containers)
  • Place all fuels and oils at a safe distance from the work area (minimum 3 metres)
  • Check tyre pressure and correct if required
  • Check battery and terminal connections
  • Check steering, brake and gears are functional
  • Ensure all safety guards are firmly in place
  • DO NOT intake alcohol or any other substance that may affect your physical or mental capability

When using the lawn tractor

  • Wear protective clothing and any other protective equipment required
  • Clear around the area where the lawn tractor is going to be started
  • Place the lawn tractor on firm ground to start
  • Place starter key into ignition switch
  • Engine will not start unless Power Take Off switch is disengaged, the park brake is LOCKED and the brake pedal is pushed DOWN
  • PUSH and HOLD choke lever all the way up to the choke position and release choke lever and return to NO CHOKE position as soon as the engine starts
  • Place key into ignition and turn to RUN position
  • Check indicator lights are functional
  • Oil pressure indicator light shall come on
  • Turn ignition key to START position and engine should start
  • When engine starts, release ignition to RUN position
  • Adjust mowing blade deck to the required height and commence operation
  • DO NOT operate across sloping ground
  • If you hit an unseen object, stop engine and machine immediately. Check for damage and remove object
  • ONLY use the lawn tractor to cut material it is designed to cut.

Shutdown Procedure

  • Stop tractor travel, move throttle to SLOW position, let engine idle down
  • Turn ignition to OFF position, then lock parking brake, and remove ignition key
  • WAIT until mower blades STOP before demounting
  • Clean and store lawn tractor as per manufacturers manual for job completion and transporting
  • Securely close fuel and oil containers for transporting.
  • Store fuel in a secure area where leaks and spills are contained.

Page Last Updated: 15 May 2014