First Aid

Under Work Health and Safety regulations, each facility must have a functional and up-to-date First Aid Kit.

Council recognises that users of Recreation Facilities such as Sporting Clubs will already possess their own First Aid Kits and therefore not require Council to provide one. For Community Facilities and Gardens, Council will provide your facility with a First Aid Kit if you do not already possess one.

Please contact Council  to organise purchasing. First Aid Kits will be purchased from Council’s store (depot), using facility funds.

First Aid Kit - Item Checklist

For those facilities that already have a First Aid Kit on site, please ensure your kit contains the following minimum requirements:

Item Amount
Adhesive plastic dressing strips, sterile, packets of 50 2
Adhesive dressing tape, 2.5cm 5cm 1
Bags, plastic, for amputated parts – small, medium, large 2 each
Dressings, non-adherent , sterile, 7.5cm by 7.5cm 5
Eyes pads, sterile 5
Gauze bandages: 5cm and 10cm 3 of each
Gloves, disposable, single 10
Rescue blanket, sliver space 1
Safety pins, packets 1
Scissors, blunt/short nosed, minimum length 12.5cm (non metallic) 1
Splinter forceps (non metallic) 1
Sterile eyewash solution, 10 ml single use ampoules or sachets 12
Swabs, prepacked, antiseptic, packs of 10 1
Triangular bandages, minimum 90cm 8
Wound dressings, sterile, non-medicated, large 10
First aid pamphlet as approved by WorkCover 1

Volunteer Safety Officer Responsibilities

The Volunteer Safety Officer (VSO) will be responsible for the maintenance of First Aid Kits at their facility.

All kits should contain a WorkCover approved First Aid Pamphlet outlining the items required and how to use them.  If your kit does not contain one of these pamphlets, please contact your Liaison Officer to obtain one from Council’s store, as this will be the most useful tool when administering your kit.

Under WH&S regulations, a First Aid Kit must be on-site (whether a facility owned or club owned kit) whenever volunteers are undertaking any work. This is also as much for your safety, as it is a requirement.

The VSO will be responsible for ensuring that all volunteers are aware of the location of the First Aid Kit.

If you require any further clarification concerning First Aid, please contact Council.

Page Last Updated: 28 May 2014