Volunteer Safety Officer

Under Work Health and Safety regulations, volunteers are classified as workers of Council, and therefore have additional responsibilities relating to Work Health and Safety.

To ensure Council covers its responsibilities to protect volunteers whilst they are undertaking work at a facility on behalf of Council, the Volunteer Safety Officer (VSO) position has been developed.

Who can fulfill the role?

An existing volunteer holding an executive position on a committee or within an incorporated body may fulfil the role of the Volunteer Safety Officer in addition to their other role.

A member of the Committee will now need to be nominated to undertake the roles of this position as a way of providing information and training to fellow volunteers regarding safety at their facility.


The Volunteer Safety Officer must complete the Council induction at the first available biannual information session.  This includes completing the online induction form.

The Volunteer Safety Officer is required to attend all subsequent biannual information sessions conducted by Council, where they will be provided with all relevant information and training relating to WH&S.  The VSO is responsible for then passing this information on to all volunteers at their facility.

Please refer the Volunteer Safety Officer Position Description for further information.

Page Last Updated: 22 Dec 2016