Induction Form

The following assessment should be completed by the Volunteer Safety Officer, after attending a face-to-face induction at LMCC’s Information Session. For other volunteers who are inducted by the Volunteer Safety Officer, the paper version of the assessment should be completed instead – with the signed checklist/assessment kept with delegated authority records.

Select facility

Please select the suburb and facility for which this person is (or will be) a volunteer.

Assessment questions

1. If you identify a hazard at your facility, your next step is:

Learn more about identifying hazards.

2. What do you do if you hurt yourself while working at a LMCC facility?

Learn more about what to do after an incident.

3. There are 3 steps used to manage health & safety at council facilities (connect the sentences below) (remember "S.A.M.")

Learn more about risk management.

4. If I am involved in an incident, I must report it to LMCC on the following number:

Learn more about reporting an incident.

5. The first aid kit for the facility is located at:

Learn more about first aid.

6. The sign-on sheet is located at:

Learn more about signing on as a volunteer at a Council facility.

7. When conducting manual tasks where there is a risk of manual handling injury, the "S.P.L.A.T." principle needs to be applied. Provide the words to make up the acronym:

Learn more about manual handling.

8. When working outdoors at a LMCC facility, you must protect yourself by wearing:

Learn more about protective clothing and equipment.


Once this form has been submitted, the information you have provided will be directed to the appropriate staff for review.

Note: If a button is greyed-out it means you still need to add, or correct, certain information (look for error messages in the form fields above). Once corrected the button will become green and you can submit your information.